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Better Know Your New Blazers: #11 Jamal Crawford - Pinwheel Empire

Better Know Your New Blazers: #11 Jamal Crawford

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The Skinny

Full Name: Aaron Jamal Crawford (pictured below, photo via

Date/Place of Birth: 3/20/1980, Seattle, WA

Height/Weight: 6’ 5”, 200 lbs

Primary Position: PG/SG

Projected Role: Sixth Man

College: Michigan

NBA Draft: Drafted 8th overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2000 NBA draft

Honors: Sixth Man of the Year (2010)

Career Averages: 15.4 PPG, 2.2 RPG, 3.9 APG, 2.1 TOPG, 1 SPG; 10/11 PER: 14.29


Jamal’s Strengths

Jamal Crawford is primarily a shoot-first guard who handles the ball well and has great quickness. If Jamal sees an open shot, chances are he is going to take it, especially if it is from the three. While this may result in some periods where he seemingly fires off bad shot after bad shot, they are typically balanced out by hot streaks. He is not afraid to take the last shot, and he can create his own shot when the need arises. While he doesn’t drive the lane very often, he does a very good job drawing fouls on jumpers and is an excellent free-throw shooter (83.4% for his career). Above all else, however, Jamal is one of the more exciting players in the NBA and one, who although frustrating at times, is rarely boring to watch.


Jamal’s Weaknesses

As spectacular as Crawford is on offense, that is as unspectacular as he is on defense. Although quick, he lacks the strength to body up big players, so he needs to be matched against smaller point guards to have a chance at effectively defending them. He rarely gives much effort on the defensive end and often plays what is known derisively as “matador defense.” Jamal is also one of the worst rebounders in the NBA, ranking last in “rebound rate” last season. Hopefully the Blazers are smart enough to recognize these deficiencies and put him out there with a unit that minimizes his defensive struggles.


Blazers Connections

Jamal is very close with his friend, mentor and fellow Seattle native, Brandon Roy, and he has known Coach Nate sinces he (Crawford) was 16.


Did You Know?

Jamal Crawford holds the NBA records for most 4-point plays in a career, a game and a quarter.

He’s the fourth player in NBA history to score 50 points for three different teams (in addition to Wilt Chamberlain, Bernard King and Moses Malone).

Until he made the playoffs with the Atlanta Hawks in the 2009-10 season, Crawford had the dubious distinction of being the NBA’s longest tenured player to never make the playoffs.


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