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Better Know Your New Blazers: #18 Victor Claver - Pinwheel Empire

Better Know Your New Blazers: #18 Victor Claver

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The Skinny:

Victor Claver

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Full Name: Victor Claver Arocas

Date/Place of Birth: 9/1/1988-Valencia, Spain
Height/Weight-6’ 10”, 218 lbs

Primary Position: PF/SF

Projected Role: Backup PF/SF

College: N/A
NBA Draft: Drafted 22nd overall by the Portland Trailblazers in the 2009 NBA draft.

Honors: Eurocup Rising Star (2010), European Championship Gold Medal (2009).

11-12 Eurocup Averages-9.4 PPG, 3.7 RPG, 1.3 APG, 1.8 TOPG, 1.5 SPG. PER N/A


Victor’s Strengths:

There was a time that Claver was regarded as perhaps the next big thing to come out of Spain, the best big man since Marc Gasol joined his brother Pau in the NBA.  While that hype has cooled considerably, there is no denying Claver is still quite talented.  On offense, Claver is a very good catch and shoot player, with reasonable efficiency from deep and the ability to finish at the rim as well.  He is an athletic defender with strong off-ball defense skills. A strong rebounder, Claver might not give you big numbers but he’s going to give you solid minutes off the bench.  He will almost certainly never be a star, nor even a starter, but as he learns the NBA game he should grow into his role effectively.


Victor’s Weaknesses:

If you are looking for a reason why Claver slid down draft boards a few years back you need look no farther than injury concerns.  Claver has arguably never recovered fully from a broken leg suffered prior to the 2009 draft and has a season ending foot injury a few years back as well.  This has caused him perhaps to be a bit timid at times, leading to assertions that he is holding back in fear of further injury.  On offense, the concern is that he lacks a consistent shot and particularly struggles from midrange, which should be a strength for a player of his style.  Physically Claver is a bit of a tweener, not really a fit at either PF or SF.   Finally, Claver doesn’t get to the line often enough (nor is he a great FT shooter, averaging in the mid 60% range).  Still, many of these could be remedied with time, strong coaching and the right role.  Despite his shortcomings, Claver could indeed become an effective piece for the Blazers


Blazer Connections:

Played on the Spanish National Team with Rudy Fernandez.

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