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Better Know Your New Blazers: #3 Jonny Flynn - Pinwheel Empire

Better Know Your New Blazers: #3 Jonny Flynn

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The Skinny

Jonny Flynn

Full Name: Jonny William Flynn (pictured at right)

Date/Place of Birth: 2/6/1989, Niagara Falls, NY

Height/Weight: 6’ 0”, 185 lbs

Primary Position: PG

Projected Role: Benchwarmer

College: Syracuse

NBA Draft: Drafted 6th overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves in the 2009 NBA draft

Honors: NBA All-Rookie Second Team (2010)

Career Averages: 9.7 PPG, 1.9 RPG, 3.9 APG, 2.4 TOPG, .8 SPG; 11/12 PER: 8.97


Jonny’s Strengths

Flynn is a reasonably quick shoot-first guard with an ability to push the tempo on offense.  He can be exciting to watch at times and his small stature can often allow him to go unnoticed by larger players.  He does reasonably well on defense when he tries and his steals are a bit up this year.  His passing has also improved and his turnovers have taken a significant drop from where they were last season.  He shoots free throws well when he gets to the line, which isn’t often.  Bottom line, Flynn is at best a backup PG.


Jonny’s Weaknesses

Jonny Flynn seemed set for a solid NBA career after a first year that saw him post a PER just below the league average and earned him a spot on the all-rookie second team.  However, last year he took a step back in a big way possibly due to the hip surgery he had after his first season.   His shooting fell off a cliff, his decision-making suffered, he stopped giving a rip on defense and his lack of size meant he struggled against the vast majority of point guards who are bigger than him.    He can create shots but he can’t hit them with any sort of regularity, nor does he draw fouls.  He will need to improve on both if he wants to stay in the league.

Blazers Connections



Did You Know?

Jonny Flynn was New York’s “Mr. Basketball” (Best player) his senior year of high school in 2007.

Flynn holds the Syracuse record for points in a game by a freshman, scoring 28 his first game of his career to surpass the mark previously held by Carmelo Anthony.

In the first game of his career, Flynn scored 13 fourth-quarter points for the Wolves as they came from 19 down to beat the Nets.


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