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Brandon Roy Talking Possibility of a Comeback?

submitted 7 years ago by in Rip City

To state the obvious, being a Trail Blazers fan is hard work. Just when we all thought that the sick feeling in our stomaches over Brandon Roy’s tragic retirement had finally settled, there’s now talk of the possibility of a comeback. This morning, David Pick of posted an article with quotes from Brandon Roy discussing the possibility of a comeback.


“I’ve been doing some treatment and I’m trying to leave the window open to returning to basketball. … If the treatment I’ve been looking into can work, I believe there’s a good chance you will see Brandon Roy back hoopin’.”

Shortly thereafter, Dwight Jaynes of posted a clip of the audio from the interview. It’s definitely worth a listen.

From’s audio clip:

“I’ve been doing things like some treatment. … I’m trying to leave it open to the fact that I can be able to come back to basketball. It’s not something I’m for sure saying I will do, but there’s some treatment options out there that I’ve been looking really far into, and if those things can work, don’t be surprised if you see me out there being able to play basketball again.”