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Kareem Disses Bynum, Praise LaMarcus Aldridge - Pinwheel Empire

Kareem Disses Bynum, Praise LaMarcus Aldridge

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From ESPN Article (

“Andrew wanted to shoot jump shots more and he didn’t want to use his left hand, so he kind of limited himself in that sense because shooting only with one hand and wanting to shoot more jump shots, it’s easier to guard somebody if you know what they’re going to do and [they are] being predictable,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “Using your left hand makes you unpredictable. So, I think that that is one thing where he kind of limited himself…”

“…I know there’s one guy that posts up in the same way that I used to,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “He plays for Portland: LaMarcus Aldridge. He shoots a hook shot and he is a very effective player. He scores inside and turns around, goes out to 12 feet and shoots jumpers and is really able to do that.”


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