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HAYNES:Nate McMillan returns to Portland, regrets how he handled Batum

HAYNES: Nate McMillan returning to Portland, reflects on tenure, regrets how he handled Batum

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Chris Haynes just released a great article talking to Nate McMillan about his time as Portland Trail Blazers head coach. December 2nd the Indiana Pacers come to the Moda Center to take on the Portland Trail Blazers and will be the first time since Nate McMillan was fired to be on the opposite side of the Blazers bench.

Some great quotes from the piece:

Photo via

Photo via

“The last time I was in that building with basketball going on, I was on the other sideline. So yeah, I’m sure it will be weird just as any other players that come in and have been traded and moved on. But it’s part of what we do.”

- Nate McMillan on returning

“We were lucky enough that some guys did some good things. Kevin Pritchard and our scouts did a good job of drafting. But when you lose a Brandon Roy and Greg Oden in the same year, it’s going to be hard for anybody to survive. You take Kobe Bryant and Paul Gasol from the Lakers. You take LeBron James and Dwyane Wade off Miami, it’s going to be hard for those organizations to survive. We had that happen in our lockout year. I got caught in a storm.”

- Nate McMillan on tenure in Portland

“Probably the one thing when I look back on my time in Portland that I regret was the decision to take Nicolas out of that lineup and starting Gerald Wallace”

- Nate McMillan

“That kid is sparking that city and that team like Brandon Roy did.”

- Nate McMillan on Damian Lillard

My Personal favorite quote:

“We had that type of team, but I never had the opportunity to coach that team when we brought in Andre Miller. That year we brought in Miller (2009-10 season), I think my starting lineup would have been Steve Blake, Brandon Roy, Martell [Webster] or Nicolas, LaMarcus and Greg. Coming off the bench we would have had Andre, Rudy [Fernandez], Martell, Travis Outlaw and Joel [Pryzbilla].”

- Nate McMillan on 2009-10 season

Read the full article here.

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