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Nate’s Time Is Up

submitted 7 years ago by in Rip City

Let’s cut to the chase, folks. Nate McMillan needs to go.

I have a number of reasons, but here’s a list of the most important. He can’t change, even when his players and the team inevitably do; the “sarge” style falls flat and his players have checked out on that form of leadership; and finally, before the front office even thinks of blowing this team up, getting rid of the coach may be a better option.

Nate as a coach is who he is, an excellent fundamentals oriented teacher who thrives on getting the maximum from otherwise average players, and he’s good at developing young guys (unless they’re point guards, but I’ll leave that for another post). However, his offensive philosophy is what ultimately dooms him in my mind- the slow plodding pace no longer has a place with this team, and his unwillingness to adjust, to loosen his grip (and Brandon’s) on the half-court set makes me believe he has never relinquished his player mentality of floor general, the leader, the director, if you will.

Nate supporters ask yourself this, has Nate ever really adjusted his offense to fit the players on the floor, even a little bit when it really mattered?

And does anyone remember when their parents used to yell at them so much you began to tune them out? I sure do, or maybe that’s just how I am. Never-the-less, McMillan has steady clung to the “sarge” style of leadership and I have no doubt this increasingly veteran group of players  are less and less likely  to respond to him. I sure would be.

Look, Nate’s General McMillan routine worked because he was attempting to create an atmosphere of respect when prior to his arrival there really wasn’t one. Then he had to shape young men, some teens, into adult professional athletes. It’s a tough job, I understand, but these are no longer rookies, this isn’t a rebuilding team (yet, anyway) and McMillan may be losing respect by demanding so much of it without reciprocating in leadership style and coaching tone.

But really, what this comes down to is the fact that this season, the Blazers are in limbo. Others have written Allen and co. want to give this group of men – L.A., Roy, and Oden- one more go. Even when that  plan ultimately delays the inevitable, I can see and even appreciate why Allen and co. don’t want to give up just quite yet.

Instead of dumping Brandon’s bloated contract, moving assets, or revving up the rebuild  ( or For Sale , *shudder*) PR campaign, the Blazers should switch up the coaching staff and see where that takes them.