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Brandon Roy says he knew it was just a matter of time - Pinwheel Empire

Brandon Roy says he knew it was just a matter of time

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As this season is on a downward spiral, I figured posting this great article last December would enlighten us on what we are currently missing on the roster this year.

At first, he felt the knees. Then,Brandon Roy heard them.

It was last week, days before training camp was to start for the Portland Trail Blazers, and Roy was intensifying his efforts to come back from yet another round of knee surgeries the season before.

His workouts, casual and playful during the lockout, became serious and strenuous, just like they always did as he prepared for a season during his storied career.

He was determined to make a comeback. To prove people wrong. To prove that the people who were standing by him were right.

But something wasn’t right. And he knew it.

“The more I would try to prepare to have this big comeback year, the worse my knees would continue to feel,” Roy said Thursday in his first public comments since July. “As we approached training camp, there was clicking in there, there was something in there really bothering me, and I was starting to feel like I would have to have another (surgery) just to help me get by day-to-day.”

Days earlier he had met with the Trail Blazers’ brass: president Larry Miller, interim general manager Chad Buchanan and head coach Nate McMillan. And later he would talk with owner Paul Allen. They all made his heart swell with unyielding support.

But deep down, he knew about his aches. And he knew about the clicks.

Read the entire article by Jason Quick here .

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