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Report: No Extension for Nicolas Batum - Pinwheel Empire

Report: No Extension for Nicolas Batum

submitted 6 years ago by in Rip City

The Portland Trail Blazers and Nicolas Batum could not come to a contract extension agreement today, meaning Nicolas Batum will become a restricted free agent this summer. Although the 9 P.M. deadline has not yet passed and thus, neither Chad Buchanan, nor Larry Miller have yet to publicly issue a release on the matter, Batum’s agent told CSNNW’s Chris Haynes  there would be no deal as the offer presented to Batum was not good enough.

We’re still not talking and we’re not willing to accept the offer the Blazers have proposed,” Ndiaye told “The game is about to start and we haven’t heard anything. We will not accept the offer that is out there.”


What’s more, it sounds as if Batum and his agent are not happy about the way the negotiations went down, saying,

“When Batum becomes a restricted free agent, we’ll look at the other 29 teams before we talk to the Blazers,” Batum’s agent Bouna Ndiaye told “The Blazers had their chance.”


And just like that, the Portland Trail Blazers manage to make something so obvious  seventeen million times more difficult than necessary. We should have expected exactly this outcome, really, after rumors that Wallace was low -balled and that during negotiations, Batum was low-balled as well.

What happens if both dip out? Harrowing thought indeed, but I’m getting ahead of myself, I’M SURE EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE.

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