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The NBA’s Lightning Round: PDX 2011-12 Schedule

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Well folks, the good news is the NBA is back and Blazer basketball is but 19 days away.  The bad news, the 66 game schedule will redefine fact-paced.  The Blazers will play on average other idea and have no more than three days between games with the exception of the All-Star break (the last week in February).  Surviving this year will be tough for everyone and it is likely that we will see many weary teams come March or April.

Here is a link to the full schedule:

Due to the NBA lockout, the schedule has been shortened to 66 games.  Each team will play 48 in-conference games (instead of the normal 52) and 18 out of conference games (instead of the normal 30).  As a result, each team plays only three teams from the other conference the normal twice a year.

Schedule Basics:

Eastern conference home and homes: Atlanta, Washington and Milwaukee.

Eastern conference home games only: Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Charlotte and Cleveland.

Eastern conference road games only: Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Indiana, New York and Toronto.

Western conference teams played four times: Golden State, LA Clippers, New Orleans, OKC, Sacramento, Utah

Western conference teams played three times (2 home, 1 road): Denver,  Houston, Memphis, Minnesota.

Western conference teams played three times (2 road, 1 home): Dallas, LA Lakers, Phoenix, San Antonio.

Longest road trip: 7 (MIN-BOS-WAS-IND-NYK-CHI-OKC) in March, due to Portland hosting the NCAA tournament.  The team also has a six game road trip in January.  Both are the longest road trips the team has seen since the 2007-2008 season.

Longest homestand: 3 (Multiple times).

Back to backs: 16

Back to back to backs: 2

4 games in 5 nights: 5

5 games in 6 nights: 1


National TV Games:

TNT-4 (@ and home to LA Lakers, home to LA Clippers and Miami)

ESPN-7 (@ Phoenix, Atlanta, LA Clippers and OKC, @ and home to Golden State and home to Dallas)


Month by Month Analysis:



Home: 10 (4 vs. +.500 teams last season)

Road: 11 (4 vs. +.500 teams)

Back to backs: 5.

Back to back to backs: 1.

Key Games: vs. Philadelphia (home opener), vs. LA Lakers, at OKC, at San Antonio.

Summary: A reasonable stretch to open the season.  Although not the toughest open to the year, there are plenty of games against teams that were right around .500 such as Phoenix and Indy.  Still, the Blazers should be able to get off to a solid start.



Home: 8 (4 vs. +.500 teams)

Road: 6 (4 vs. +.500 teams)

Back to backs: 3.

Back to back to backs: 1.

Key Games: at Lakers, at Dallas, at New Orleans

Summary: February will be a tough month for the team.  Plenty of tests against playoff caliber foes, especially against teams like New Orleans that one would have to figure Portland would compete with for playoff position.



Home: 8 (5 vs. +.500 teams)

Road: 9 (5 vs. +.500 teams)

Back to backs: 5

Back to back to backs: 0.

Key Games: Vs. Miami, Vs. New Orleans (twice), at Boston, Chicago and New York.
Summary: March is the month of the monster road trip this season, a 7-game trip smack in the middle of the month.  Not an easy stretch by any means outside of this, the only good thing is the team has only a few back to backs this month.



Home: 7 (1 vs. +.500 teams)

Road: 7 (4 vs. +.500 teams)

Back to backs: 3

Back to back to backs: 0

Key Games: Vs. and at Dallas, at San Antonio.

Summary: The Blazers close out the regular season with a soft landing at home, facing only one team with a winning record at home.  However, they play five of their final six games on the road so will want to pad that win total a bit before the final brutal stretch.

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