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Videos You Should Watch Before Blazers vs Grizzlies Tip Off - Pinwheel Empire

Videos You Should Watch Before Blazers vs Grizzlies Tip Off

submitted 3 years ago by in Rip City

Blazers vs Grizzlies tips off in about 5 hours so we have put together a list of videos we have made which showcases some of the best Blazer playoff moments in the past few years.


Brandon Roy Takes Over : The Movie

Brandon Roy had struggled to stay on the court most of the year (which happened to be his final year as Blazer) and after game 2 he was vocal about being benched and how he could still help. He followed that up with one of the most amazing playoff performances and one of his final games as a Blazer.

The Legend, The Natural, Brandon Roy – Tribute to his Retirement

On December 10th, 2011 Brandon Roy retires as a Blazer due to his knees (after had a short stint with the Timberwolves). This video highlights some of his most incredible moments. The feels are very strong in this one.

THE NOW – Ripcity Playoffs 2013-14

Blazers clinch the playoffs for the first time since 2011 (Mavericks series with Brandon Roy). This video goes way back to the Roy era and how the Blazers got to where they are now (as of last year-2014)

Blazers vs Rockets Playoffs 2014 – Mini-Movies

After each win we produced a mini-movie showing how each game unfolded which ultimately ended with what will go down as one of the most incredible shots in Blazers history (game 6).

Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 4:

Game 6:

Chaotic Resilience – Ripcity Playoffs Return 2015

Critics doubted the Blazers could win the series vs the Rockets. This video goes into last years series leading into today (with a pinch of history as well) as the Grizzlies host the Blazers today for game 1.

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Brandon is the Empire Sports Network/Pinwheel Empire website developer, graphics designer and video producer. He is the dude that makes those Blazer videos and rarely sleeps.