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Yep Podcast: New CBA Edition - Pinwheel Empire

Yep Podcast: New CBA Edition

submitted 6 years ago by in Rip City

Yep, Yep is back! The lock out caused us to go on a hiatus but now that basketball is back so is Yep! This time we welcome our guest cap expert, cba expert, and all around nice guy Jeff AKA Storyteller on the podcast to get everyone up to speed on the new Collective Bargaining Agreement and what it means to use Blazers fans. It’s easily our most informative podcast ever, as Jeff drop knowledge bombs everywhere! If you have anything you are not quite sure of about the CBA or want to learn some of the more intricate details of the new CBA, this is the podcast to not just listen to but bookmark and listen to again.

Also at around the 47 minute mark Jeff’s connection gets wonky and you get to hear autotuned Storyteller!


Yep 6 (you can download it here. I know how much you all hated me using fileshare websites before so sorry but I lost the old one I used and am working on finding a new hosting service.)