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3-15 - Trade Deadline Liveblog with Christopher and Friends - Pinwheel Empire

3-15 – Trade Deadline Liveblog with Christopher and Friends

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3:11: Final move is Terrence Williams from Houston to LA Lakers for Fisher and a pick. Rox thinking about buying out Fisher, but not certain.

2:57: Seems things are winding down. I'm going to get some food and let you know if there is anything after the buzzer later.

2:46: Sorry, Jason Quick. Per Joe Freeman the Blazers could not find a taker for Raymond Felton so he will stay put. Either this is true, or it is a smokescreen concealing yet another masterstroke in the Blazers' epic tank job.

2:45: With 15 minutes to go before the deadline, the Blazers have mopped up in the tanking sweepstakes. The Warriors just got marginally better (or worse at tanking) by adding RJeff and a pick. Really, this team is lapping the field right now.

2:35: Kevin Pelton:

HOU/POR saves the Blazers somewhere around $600K the rest of the season, if I'm running the numbers correctly.

2:30: The return package is now reported to be Jonny Flynn and Thabeet and a second round pick for Camby. Camby didn't have much value so just a second rounder is OK, and it is now pretty apparent that the Blazers are trying to lose games and get a higher pick.

2:24: Mark Spears says Marcus Camby is going to the Rockets, though nothing about what would be coming back. Woj says the return package is expirings and a second round pick. This will probably be a package of Thabeet and some of their other crappy players from the '09 draft class like Terrence Williams and Jordan Hill.

2:19: Kelly Dwyer reacts to the Wallace trade:

As it stands now, though, it just appears that the Nets could have done better. And that they could have gotten more. And that they really should have protected that pick to a stronger degree, considering that they were agreeing to take on Wallace's $9.5 salary (it's a player option; but he's picking it up) for next season while clearing Portland's books.

2:16: Jefferson for Jackson seems to be picking up steam. If Poppovich can extract a little production from Jackson that is a big win for them, otherwise it is pretty much a wash. Neither player is very good and they both make a lot of money, though Jackson is owed less and is worse at basketball. Hollinger has a good point:

What do you suppose the odds are of a Warriors-Spurs trade working out in GST's favor? 1%? 2% maybe?

2:09: With an hour to go before the horn, a brief summary:

Portland trades Gerald Wallace to New Jersey for Shawn Williams, Mehmet Okur, and their own 2012 pick, top 3 protected.

LA Lakers trade Luke Walton and their own first round pick to Cleveland for Ramon Sessions and Christian Eyenga.

Toronto trades Leandro Barbosa to Indiana for a second round pick.

No other trades appear imminent though there are a few whispers on the horizon. With LA having addressed their backcourt and dumped a bad contract, New Jersey reacting to the Howard news, and Portland doing something (ANYTHING, though this was good), it might be quiet. Most of the rumored movers and shakers have done some business. We shall see if there is a last gasp sprint to the finish.

1:57: Leandrinho to the Pacers in a salary dump is official. This is basically a free player for the Pacers and the Raptors will get a trade exception and shed some salary. We'll see if they use the TPE now or hold on to it for later (or never) use.

1:54: Per Bucher the Warriors and Spurs are discussing Stephen Jackson for Richard Jefferson. Jefferson has an extra year on his contract (a player option) but is actually a serviceable player.

1:43: Apparently Luke Walton and Christian Eyenga are also swapping shirts in the Sessions deal. This disaster couldn't happen to a worse owner. Start preparing those Kyrie Irving offer sheets!

1:36 Eastern: Brian Windhorst is reporting Ramon Sessions to the Lakers. This is a huge upgrade for them. AWoj is reporting Cleveland will get LA's own 2012 pick, which seems like a reasonable deal for both sides. Cleveland had no real need for Sessions and he could have opted out after this season, and LA gets the aforementioned giant upgrade at the point.

1:32 Eastern: It really is crazy that Gerald Wallace could play a year off his contract, mail it in for most of this year, and still fetch more value than the Blazers traded for him. First round picks in this draft seemed to be sticky assets, and yet here we are potentially getting a top five pick. Amazingly well played by Portland's no-GM. The Blazers have gone from being draft day monsters to deadline day mavericks.

1:22 Eastern: If the Nets really think Gerald Wallace is the missing piece and will convince Deron not to go to Dallas, God help them.

1:18 Eastern: Woj confirms "deal in principle."

1:15 Eastern: The Nets are currently on target for the fifth pick in the 2012 draft. That is projected by DraftExpress to be Jared Sullinger, a chunky and polished low post monster to pair with LA's sweet mid-range game.

1:10 Eastern: Woj disagrees with Tokito, it sounds like this would be NJ's 2012 only top 3 protected:

The proposed 2012 draft pick the Nets would send to Blazers in Wallace deal would be protected only through the top 3 spots, sources tell Y!

If that's true this is an outrageous heist for the Blazers. Really, really an amazing trade.

1:05 Eastern: Berger confirms Wallace trade. Mike Tokito says the pick is Houston's lottery protected first.

Confirmed: NJ would send expiring contract of injured center Mehmet Okur, Shawne Williamd and a first-round pick to Portland for Wallace.

1:01 Eastern: Players whose trade rumors seem to be very quiet whispers as opposed to the hoarse type include Leandro Barbosa (Indiana?) Ray Allen (the dreaded "multiple teams") and Jermaine O'Neal who reportedly wants a buyout.

12:59 Eastern: Sounds like the Minny/LA/Portland menege a trois has collapsed, which isn't really surprising. The last rumored incarnation with the Timberwolves sending out both Ridnour and Beasley for Crawford didn't make sense from their point of view.

12:50 Eastern Time: Ken Berger:  After 24 hours of flip-flip-flopping, Dwight Howard finally has committed to stay in Orlando next season, thus ceasing the Magic's efforts to trade him to avoid losing him as a free agent and receiving no assets in return.

Comment: This would explain New Jersey's willingness to take on Wallace's salary for 2012-13, but given the apparent value of 2012 picks in this market, the Blazers are still getting an absolute steal.

12:47 Eastern Time: Adrian Wonjarowski: Nets are close to sending Mehmet Okur, Shawne Williams and a protected 1st round pick to Portland for Gerald Wallace

Comment: This would be a great trade for the Blazers who would rid themselves of the uncertainty of Gerald's player option and add a pick (Houston's lottery protected first?) in the process. Not sure why the Nets would do this since all indications are they want to dump salary as opposed to add it. Pull the trigger.

I'll post news and commentary here, latest news at the top.