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sexual harassment in the bus - Pinwheel Empire
sexual harassment in the bus (xnonymous)

submitted 5 years ago by anonymous in xnonymous

Yesterday on my way home something strange happened. The bus I take was more crowded than I've ever seen it, but, by some luck, I was squished against a group of very cute girls. As I was getting off at my stop I felt the unmistakable sensation of someone squeezing my arse, just as I was passing the group of cute girls. Wtf! It really was the perfect crime, because in a huge crowd like that you can't confront someone, and if you take the time to do so you will miss your stop. Of course, being a male, and seeing as they were quite attractive, I felt flattered and excited, not abused, but rather chuffed. But what if they had been ugly girls? What if it was a man? I think no woman wants her arse squeezed in any scenario, cute man or not.

How should I feel?

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